Lamia Nyx (speaktheword) wrote in trovenious,
Lamia Nyx

I'm thinking about starting a zine...

Full of Pics of bands that I take. And interviews and articles from various artists/musicains. Unknown artists/bands are welcome too. And I'd like to put anyone's poetry in who'd like to donate.

I won't be starting it for a few months tho.

Anyone interested in helping?
Any suggestions?(Besides me getting a spelling program) *LOL*
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If you'd like poetry, I can help. Besides writing myself, I know plenty of talented kids across the US who'd probably like to get in on it.
Oh thank you! I'll let you know when I find out more. :)

Deleted comment

It'll be online. Thanks for ideas. When I get things rolling I'd love to have a review done and possible a interview too.

Good luck with your projects too. :)