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tell me if these are wrong,...

your body's empty now
As I hold you
now you're gone I miss you
but I told you
I remember bad times
more than good
there's no coming back
even if we could
I loved you to death
If I can't have you
then no one will
And since I won't
I'll have to kill
my only love, something
i've never felt
now you've gone to heaven
and i'll burn in hell
i loved you to death

and now i'm down below

and what do i see
you didn't go to heaven
you're down in hell with me
and now you're coming back
baby take me please!
i really think i would
if you weren't such a sleaze
i loved you once before
you kept me on a string
i'd rather go without
then take what you would bring!
i loved you to death!

sorry about the lyrics, i couldn't help myself. please tell me if i made a mistake. o.0
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